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Choose a style.
Pick a size.
List colour preferences.
Pick a photo.
Request a quote.

We will send you a firm quote.
Confirm the order by making a 50% down payment (balance is due upon completion).

Together we finalize colours and cropping.
We send you a preview of your image (no preview with paintings).
Give us feedback and we will work on it some more.
When you are happy the final image will be completed.

You pay the remaining 50% and your image is ready for pick-up.

We need a super photo in order to create a quality image.

Crisp and in focus with the subjects head filling most of the frame. When you zoom in there must be plenty of detail for the artist to work with.

These don't have the crispness and detail of the super photos. We can work with this type of image for the more simplistic styles but a sharper photo would be better.

Not so good
These images are fuzzy, out of focus, or low resolution.

If you can't decide on a photo send us more than one and we will help you choose. It is always good to send us a couple of choices as some photos will make better paintings than others.

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