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Ookieookie was started by Ryan Schmidt a Saskatoon based artist and designer. Ryan started by borrowing his friend's button maker and making buttons for his children Milo and Aidan to wear. People liked them and so he decided to start up Ookieookie as a place for everyone young and old to get enjoyable and simply designed products.

Ryan has been painting since high school and drawing all his life and thought that his portraits would make a great addition to the Ookieookie line-up. You may recognize Ryan's work from the Saskatoon Fringe Festival or you may have also seen Ryan at various dog shows, agility or flyball tournaments around western Canada.

Our pet buttons have been featured in the Spring 2008 and Fall 2009 issues of Modern Dog Magazine. You may have also seen our pet portraits featured in the Dwell.com holiday gift guide.

Be sure to pick up the August 22 edition of Saskatoon Express as Shannon Boklaschuk will be writing an article featuring our pet portraits.

Ookieookie is a labour of love and we hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for visiting.

Sparrowhaus, our sister company is a Saskatoon based art and graphic design studio fronted by Ryan Schmidt.


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